Return & Refund

All products are handled solely by the Pyramid Online Shop, except Preorder.  Normally every branded product is passed into the market after quality control but it is not impossible to get faulty products in hand which Pyramid Online Shop has no authority. It totally depends on the manufacturer. Slight error in manufacturing time may cause some defects on some products. If you find any faulty products of that kind, immediately contact us on our page or mail us. We will reply as soon as possible with the best solution for our customer.

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Return policy

Pyramid Online Shop has 7 days replacement warranty for any gadgets or electronics.  

For any other products, customers will get 24 hours replacement warranty.

Conditions for returning products

1) If your product is different than your order/defective/damaged at the time of delivery.

2) If there is any technical or manufacturing fault found in the product.

3) The Customer must show valid cause and proof for returning the product.

When Returns will not be accepted?

1) If there is any kind of damages happened after the delivery.

2) If any external factors damage the product like falling from hand or water or high voltage electric surge.

Simply, returns are only accepted if the product itself is faulty. If it is made faulty by external factors of any kind, returns will not be accepted. We hope customers will understand it.

Refund policy

1) Refunds can be given if no replacement is possible.

2) In case of preorder, if products do not arrive within the mentioned arrival time, refund will be given.

Please note that, only product price is refundable. Delivery charge and bkash charge (if any) are non-refundable.

How to return?

1) Go to your account.

2) Click on order history.

3) Click on the product that needs to be returned.

4) Click on the red icon saying Return.

5) Fill up the form.

6) Courier the product in this Address by Continental Courier only: Pyramid Online Shop, 1498 Nandipara, Dhaka-1219.

Or, come to the office at that address.

7) If the replacement request is valid, Pyramid will replace and resend the product free of courier charge.

We sincerely hope that there would not be any case of returning. Still, if it comes to this point, our customer care will be at your side. Thanks a lot for buying from us.